I spend a lot of time eating.  So much so that I often create maps of cities where I spend a lot of time to find where I want to eat.  Here are my maps and some that I have found made by others.


Los Angeles Cheap Eats





Chiang Mai (I only used it to find street carts in old town, the other suggestions are suspect.)




I also use a lot of local blogs to find things.  Here are the ones I’ve enjoyed reading and using thus far.  They usually have a clear rating system with easy to follow directions or addresses and can be searched by city.  Let me know if you find anything similar to this.


The Thirsty Pig

A Hungry Girl in Taipei

The Gastronomer

Migrationology who also writes Eating Thai Food (Fair warning, he seems to be “sponsored” a lot, selling things to you but he does always disclose this near the end)

  1. jonathanhoistad said:

    Hey Lily, Think about you a lot and wonder how you are doing. We found a beach yesterday on a tiny island not far from Trogir. I achieved my goal of swimming in the Adriatic-three times….a bit chilly but gorgeous water. Jonathan joined me in the water twice. We had a picnic of dalmatian ham, cheese bread, oranges and a bit of wine. We are off today to Plitivice National Park. Need to buy some bread so we can have a picnic on the way with the remaining ham and cheese. Still eating the oranges-delicious! Take care-happy travels, Jonathan and Kathleen

    • Hi!

      Well that sounds just lovely. I worked my way to a peninsula and city park that was pretty deserted with some nice beaches as well. I finished off the food from the first picnic while gazing at the islands, so I suppose we all had nice picnics yesterday. I think I’ll be eating my oranges for a while! Let me know how that national park goes.


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