Enthusiastic eater, curious cook, and inquisitive learner. An experience and games maker exploring life in different countries and environments. More info about projects can be found at lilycheng.com.

  1. Charlie Frank said:

    I like roamingcuriosity.com. I haven’t gone through it all but what I have gone through is very interesting and well put together. Hope your adventure continues to be a blast.

    • Thanks! I hope you have a good adventure on the farm. Just watch out for those goats 🙂 Find something to do in Kiskassa yet?

      • Charlie said:

        I’m training the animals to march in their own parade. I’m trying to teach the white goose(I named him Goosey-Goosey) to carry a baton and the other goose(which I named Gander) to beat a drum. The dogs are all gung-ho but the sheep are wary. Otherwise no, I haven’t found much to do in this quaint little village.

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