Monthly Archives: August 2015

How could I pass up a misconception about JFK proclaiming himself to be a doughnut? Alas, I don’t have many photos of Berlin so it will look like I ate a lot, perhaps not untrue either. It was also full of wonderful bicycle rides as we visited a friend who lived here. Seeing a place with a friend is mildly different than the general wander that I do. I enjoy seeing the place through their lens as a local and wonder what I would’ve seen myself. My friend did decline coming to the currywurst museum with me. I do wish I had gotten some pictures as Tempelhofer park seemed to be full of every type of possible strange human conveyance, but it’s hard to capture a guy racing by on a wind skateboard unicycle.


Why, it wouldn’t be German to me without a schweinaxe and woodsorrel beer.


The East German crosswalk symbol has his own snack food and store dedicated to his iconic look.


Communist parks and abandoned amusement parks made for great bicycle rides.


More pork and beer, this time fried. Well, not the beer.


An old chunk of Berlin wall showing the city’s diversity?