The End of Motorcycling The Ho Chi Minh Trail… For Now

My time motorcycling the Ho Chi Minh Trail has come to an end for now.  I’ve headed to the coast to hit the beaches and stopped to see the old Demilitarized Zone.  I have, pleasantly, not encountered a single incident of anti-American sentiment in the north.  This is not the end of my motorcycling time.  I look forward to cruising the sandy roads.

Missile-like statue near the old border river. There were also speakers on booth sides of the river. Must’ve been a loud shout out.

It seems the people here have either forgiven, forgotten, or are too young to even know.

The war stuff is usually so propaganda full that it was nice to just see some smiling pictures of people.

The government museums and sites were full of propaganda in the north, but that has lightened up considerably in this area.

Just in case it wasn’t clear:

This is the kind of propaganda you see in the north.

I always have a hard time imagining such a beautiful, peaceful place as the site of a horrid war.

The old war sites were overgrown with lush green vegetation.  The museums had exhibits from the American veteran’s groups and the Mine Action Group (a British NGO).

The wheelchair bikes here are crazy and slow. You rock that wheel back and forward to move.

The mine education center seemed more interested in using western funded money to educate their youngsters to protect themselves and how to help those who have been affected than to place blame for those bombs in the first place.

Laos and Vietnam do reuse their bombs a lot. This one was in front of the Mine Action Visitor Center. They use it as an education center for local children to teach them what to do with found bombs and how to treat those affected with kindness.

While still a dark mark in American history, I’m happy to see less pessimism and propaganda as I head south.  A fitting way to end the Ho Chi Minh Trail for now.  I may find myself back on this road in the south, but goodbye for now mountains.  I’m off for some beach time.


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