Feaster Sunday at Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market In Pictures

I have been in Bangkok for a few days.  When people ask what my favorite types of food are, I usually say Thai and Mexican.  I love spicy and complex fresh flavors.  So I have been a tad disappointed because while the food here has been good, I haven’t found the explosion of taste I’ve been expecting.

I tried a solo food crawl from this site last night that did not end well because the khao man gai I was seeking had closed for good and many of the stores were not open at night.  Also of note is that their map has north facing left.  Luckily I stumbled on this blog that recommended the Khlong Lat Mayom floating market.  It turns out this is a wonderfully relaxed market where people don’t push you to buy things.  They even have clean, free bathrooms that were well stocked with toilet paper and soap.  That just about never happens.

It was a bit of an adventure to get there as the area I’m staying at is nowhere near the BTS (skytrain/subway like light rail) nor is the market.  On the upside, the taxi drivers near the floating market were both really nice. To get there from the Khao San backpacker/Banglamphu area I’d recommend taking a Chao Phraya express boat to BTS station (about 15 baht or so) to Saphon Taksin (port/dock 1) where you can catch the BTS for 15 baht to Wang Wian Yai BTS station.  Then take a taxi for 100 baht or so to “Talaht Nam Khlong Lat Mayom”, which means Khlong Lat Mayom floating market.

Many people worry about getting sick from eating random street food.  I’d like to tell you that i do not very often get sick from the quality of the food as much as I do from eating three meals at once in some fear I’ll never go back and see that cart or stall again.  I could definitely use an eating partner in crime so I didn’t feel compelled to finish everything I want to try.  Without further ado, here’s my feaster celebration:

Floating market is a bit of a misnomer. There's a row or two of boats in a canal that serve as docked restaurants. The rest of the market is deliciously on land. Note this does mean no one handing you things on poles like at other floating markets.

Does anyone know what I'm eating? I seem not to a lot of times here. It was a spicy maybe rice flour like cake on top of sauteed cabbage.

An old favorite for me, spring rolls in small bite sized square portions. Very fresh and they were closed when I wandered by hours before the market closed. I'll take that as a good sign.

A tiny chicken and tiny peanut empanada. A bit dry but I can never turn down a hand pie.

This guy made delicious oyster omelettes on top of an egg crepe on a smoking hot crepe grill.

I was particularly impressed how many vendors made containers out of creatively stapled things. The oyster omelette crepe thing was extra tasty with all the spicy, sweet and sour sauces.

I think these are boat noodles, with a meaty broth and some meat and offal inside. It was dark, fresh, spicy and delicious. I'm not sure where the chicharrones were supposed to go so I threw them in. I had to gesture for 5 minutes to get this with the nice ladies on a boat. Everyone else surprisingly spoke enough English to get by.

This is about the point when I started getting uncomfortably full so I thought coffee might help. There were many legit coffee shops with English signs. Nope. I chose the old lady and her daughter with the visible sock in a ring type filters. Deliciously thick and sweet.

I didn't even get to the crazy salt roasted whole fish or freshly grilled seafood. This guy has a cool looking fish rotisserie set up.

The coffee gave me the incorrect idea that I could eat more. I got these pad thai like noodles and could only eat half. My cow like four stomachs do have a limit.

There's always room for ice cream, it melts and fills in the cracks. These are passion fruit and rambutan flavored. Oddly the passionfruit was salty and the rambutan pasty like taro. The coconut ice cream with toppings in a coconut that I wanted was sold out.

Well, at least I'm not the only one feasting here. You can buy fish food to feed the gigantic 2 ft. fish. Watch out guys, that fish rotisserie is coming for you.

I ate so much at lunch I suspected I would only need fruit for dinner. What better fruit than one of my favorites? For me, wax apples are only rivaled by the cherimoya and custard apples in Southeast Asia and by a cold slice of watermelon on a hot day.

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