Sleeper Buses

I’ve never been the biggest fan of bus travel. I spent my childhood traveling on three week long bus tours where you spent the majority of your day on a bus rushing from one city to the next. Now I mostly use long distance buses to occasionally get from one place to another, but I’m no fonder of the ride. Oh little did I know, a day of bus riding is nothing compared to a sleeper bus.

Unlike a regular bus with seats, a sleeper bus has three rows of really narrow beds. I’m not a particularly tall individual, well, ok I am relatively tall in southern China. However in America, i’m pretty average. These beds are barely long enough to fit my frame and the narrowness combined with the area for your foot to go in and the metal rails makes it feel slightly coffin like. After I shoved my bag into the foot compartment, I couldn’t move my feet at all. There’s also a shoe compartment by your head that did not seem to like my large hiking boots. You do get a pillow and a nice, thick comforter so I settled in for the night.

The upside to traveling all night was that I didn’t have to pay for a room for the night and it’s faster than dealing with the traffic during the day. The downside is they got us to Jinghong early and I’m not quite sure what to do in any town at 5 am. My friend mentioned they sometimes let you sleep on the bus for a few hours but I was not so lucky this time. Ah, until we meet again, cheap mode of transport known as the sleeper bus.


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