Cali Burger

There are things I mean to eat in LA.  The things I just love that I must have every time in town.  Partially for nostalgic reasons, In-n-Out is on that list for me.  I spent way too much of my high school years there learning every in and out of the menu (har har har).  There are better burgers in LA, but it’s still a pretty delicious option.  I didn’t have a chance to go this time.  There was too much to do, too many other things to eat.

Imagine my surprise then, when I’m going to get my fix in China.  Not real In-n-Out mind you.  It’s China.  That means that I went to a knock off In-n-Out called Cali Burger that just opened in Shanghai.  Apparently it was supposed to open months ago but the real company caught wind and objected to the blatant rip off, down to the exact menu and decor. They also are rumored to have stores opening in seven countries.  Get on that international trademarking American companies!

The glass of wine is hiding just outside the edge of this picture. Everything else looks about right though.

They ended up changing the menu and decor slightly so they could open.  The protein style burger in lettuce and “wild style” (animal style) fries are just straight up on the menu.  There are also the welcome additions of wine and bourbon spiked vanilla milkshakes.  I guess that was more exciting than it should’ve been, the milkshake just lightly smelled of bourbon.  They did get the right “too thick to drink out of a straw” consistency down.  The fries were actually better than In-n-Out.  I appreciate that they use real potatoes back in America but they always tasted slightly undercooked and pasty to me.  The thousand island special sauce was missing pickles which did detract from the fries quite a bit for me.  It was also quite a bit more expensive than in America.  Otherwise, i’m quite amused and pleased by my fake In-n-Out experience.


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