Viva Las Vegas

Nothing says I’m trying to escape consumerism and live a simpler life like making the next leg of my trip Las Vegas.  Originally I was supposed to be in Hawaii already, however a good friend decided to have a post New Year birthday party in Las Vegas.  This is where you celebrate the virtues of a RTW flight and change date and time as I need them.  Sidenote, this also comes in handy when I mess up military time, miss my Brazilian flights entirely and don’t have to pay any change fees.

Las Vegas is a city I went to a lot in college, kind of like how I used to visit Mexico about once a year.  It was an escape with the excitement of a week or weekend full of bad ideas.  I can’t say I’ve sought out that type of drinking debauchery since then, so I have only been to Vegas once in the past few years for work.  Luckily this was also not the kind of college like trip where we shove eight people in a hotel room in an attempt to bring the cost down.

The highlights of the trip for me were the off strip excursions for food.  I finally got to try Lotus of Siam, which I have heard great things about for years.  It was quite tasty Thai.  My Malaysian birthday friend noted that they got the high temperature wok taste down.  The general consensus was that Jitlada in LA does do a better authentic Thai.  The actual birthday dinner occurred at Ichiza, a fantastic izakaya with a multiple page menu and specials covering three of their four walls.  The options are overwhelming and everything we had was fantastic.  We went for the honey toast, which I had never heard of before.  It is a chunk of loaf white bread that is cored out, the insides made into croutons before being put back in, and the whole drizzled in honey and topped with vanilla ice cream.  Other highlights were the fantastic raw fish (hamachi and uni) and the tea rice.  It was nice to revisit Las Vegas and get off the strip to see it in a slightly different light.  I am quite excited to go back into warm areas soon.


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