Jericoacoara, Brazil

I’ve been here for 2 weeks and will be here for two more.  So where is here?  I’m on the northeastern side of Brazil in Jericoacoara.  This is a fishing village turned hippie mecca turned kite and wind surfer town.  It’s quite out of the way and took a flight and a 7 hour bus ride through sand dunes and lagoons from Sao Paulo to get here.  It’s a small town of about 3,000 people with streets paved in soft white sand.  The transport of choice appears to be dune buggy or horse.  Wild donkeys roam the streets and the nearby dunes and lagoons.

Baby donkeys are really adorable.

There are only about 5 main streets in town and it takes me 10 minutes or so to walk across the entire town.  People come here from nearby city Fortaleza to relax and get away from the urban life.  The restaurants and stores here are a weird mix of luxury tourist places and significantly cheaper local things.  Activities around town mostly revolve around the windy beach, the beautiful sand dune, and the peaceful lagoons.  I attempted a second surf lesson, but the smaller waves and shoddier equipment meant I couldn’t even stand this time.

The locals say you can tell how many tourists are in town by looking at how many people gather on the nearest tall dune to watch the sunset.  This is one of the few places in Brazil that has a west facing beach.

Everything looks like a postcard here.

There's never a cloudy sunset, only a few lingering puffy clouds to make a pretty sky.

I’m here for a little bit as I’m not fond of traveling all that quickly.  Every week tends to be rather different here.  This week, there happens to be a Choro Jazz festival in town.  I’m not sure what Choro Jazz means but the music is mostly acoustic and slower than what I am accustomed to for jazz.  They’re also here to teach free workshops to musicians from all over the world.  My favorite show happened to be the visiting samba band from Rio.  They were so lively, like an extra energetic version of a church choir with a full percussion section and back up singers.

Epic moustache man on the left is hiding an amazing belt buckle. The guy on the right is in traditional gaucho wear with parachute pants.

This is a beautiful place to relax in a hammock and meet some nice people from all over.  Every day brings something new, we’ll see what my next two weeks here bring.


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