Thanksgiving abroad

I have managed to spend every Thanksgiving with my family.  So this year was a shock, to not be near my family or to even be in the right country.  I tried asking my couch surfing host if people here eat turkey.  She looked at me in slight horror, no, people here only look at them because they are pretty.  Well, maybe we aren’t communicating correctly, because I can’t say i think of turkeys as beautiful creatures.  Maybe pavo means peacock as well?

Just out of the picture is a wonderful from-scratch pumpkin pie.

There are whole chickens here.  I bought two and invited the two Americans I had met to lunch/dinner.  There are not many Americans here in general, although there are many Europeans.  A few of them joined us for our celebration.  On the day of, I learned the hard way that my oven is ornamental and does not actually work.  Regardless, we managed to get a fairly close approximation to a traditional dinner with our one roasted chicken, gravy, dressing, mac and cheese, green beans, and pumpkin pie.  The iced riesling, tank top, shorts and salad are our more tropical additions.  We then went around the table to say what we were grateful for.  We even explained to our European friends the fine tradition of needing to unbutton your pants and taking a nap afterwards.  One American happily noted that she wore a stretchy skirt so that she wouldn’t have to worry about that.  I’m glad we could bring a little bit of our culture and share it with some new friends as our hours long meal stretched into the night.


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