Something old, something new

I’m currently staying in a small studio that is attached to the back of a larger two bedroom house.  I’ve had wonderful neighbors during my stay here.  The current neighbors, Janie and Marsha, of the pacific northwest were getting ready for an adventure to Quito.  We had a nice bonfire under a suspiciously dry palm tree.  I spend all day staring at the ocean, marveling at nature’s great power.  I might as well balance that out with watching a fire, man’s great harnessing of nature.  Most of the bonfires I’ve been to have been at Californian beaches, so that means no open drinking.  It was nice to hang out next to a fire with a few beers.  Granted I wish they had something besides a tasteless pilsner, creatively named Pilsner.

The next day my neighbors set off but let me use their bigger house while they were gone.  I settled in for the fun task of doing my laundry by hand.  I found this travel blog rather useful for how to do so:  She’s right, I do feel like a pioneer woman.  This isn’t a skill I had to learn as I spent all my time before griping about how I had to go to a laundromat and didn’t have an in-building or in unit washer/dryer.

Access to the bigger house meant i also had a small library and television.  I took this opportunity to catch up on movies I hadn’t seen, like the newer Karate Kid, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Henry Poole is here.  I was amused I watched so many movies, I really only watch a few movies a year even with a television.  And two of these movies were just bad.  I’m glad I caught Benjamin Button though, I’d been meaning to watch it.  I also tore through a posthumously published Michael Crichton novel.  I have had only a phone, luckily with 3G, and my kindle to keep me connected.  It was nice to have a dumb day of catching up on American culture.  Besides, I had to do something while waiting for those clothes to dry.

Tomorrow I embark on two days of travel to reach my next destination: Brazil.


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