All Things Being Ecuador

I’ve chosen Ecuador out of the list of countries that celebrate Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead).  Wikipedia tells me Mexico, Guatemala, and Ecuador seem to celebrate the most.  I love Mexico however it does not seem particularly safe for Americans at the moment.  After some fruitless volunteer searching I ended up finding a rental for two weeks on VBRO.  I was headed to surfing town Montanita on the coast of Ecuador.

Oh, wait.  Nope.  I’m heading to Curia, a small village of 300 outside of Montanita.  This is turning out just fine as Montanita seems to be mostly full of ravers, surfers, and tchotchke crap.  The surfers I do not mind, but I have no need for bad jewelry and lots of drugged out people.   The VBRO ad mentioned it was high season so I was expecting sunny days ahead.  I was unfortunately wrong, it’s been cloudy three of the last four days.  The house is 50 feet from the water though, so I cannot complain too much.

It is not always sunny in Curia, Ecuador.

The beach is really quite empty except for a few motorcycles and trucks zooming over the hard packed wet sand.  The motorcycles sometimes carry fish vendors with coolers on the back.  The prices are not particularly cheap and it appears the locals cannot afford to buy much seafood.  They tend to eat two types of starch with every meal, rice and then either pasta or fried plantains.  I trekked into town to find vegetables as in the village I am in, only sporadic trucks show up with vegetables unannounced short of a few honks before zooming off.  My Spanish is sadly rusty but this is a good place to practice as not many villagers speak English.  I am a little disappointed as the vegetables in town seem to mostly consist of potatoes and carrots.  The only spices available appear to be salt, pepper, and the orange spice they use for encebellado, a fish and onion soup eaten for breakfast.  At least the weather lends itself to eating lots of soup.

Some interestingly pink potatoes and beans. Sadly they lost their color when cooked.

I have not headed into town much but i am enjoying the tranquility of this area.  The house is quiet and I can hear the waves lapping as I sleep.  What a good place to catch up on some reading, DS games, writing and drawing.

I feel like a Corona ad. Change my lattitude, except for those hiking pants because it isn't really that warm.


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