Lame as LAN

My round the world travel ticket is booked with my first airline, which happens to be LAN airlines.  I have had nothing but trouble and rudeness with AA so I thought this might be a step up.  Unfortunately that would be too much to ask for.  In what I hope is the only time I must call LAN multiple times, they have royally screwed up my ticket purchase.  I saw a one dollar charge on my credit card when I bought my ticket and thought that meant that approval was coming soon.  Little did I know what that really meant was LAN would wait two weeks to tell me my credit card company declined and that in the meantime they overbooked my first two flights so I lost them entirely.  This is not the news you want to hear the day before you leave the country. I called my credit card company and was told no charges were ever made after that first dollar transaction check.  I’m not sure who’s lying here.

The phone system only rings sometimes and randomly hangs up on you.  The first four people I tried to talk to had no idea what I was talking about with my lost flights and did not want to help me.  Often their English speaking abilities were questionable.  Accents I can deal with, but their understanding of the situation was poor.  Finally after much screaming, hollering, and crying on the phone I got someone who took the tie to see what happened and tried to fix it.  Two to three days later of hanging on to every sound my phone made and I finally had a ticket and a few more gray hairs.

The joys of my round the world travel ticket mean I will be dealing with LAN this entire year any time something happens with my flights.  I hope that this is the last time I must deal with their automated phone system.


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