Monthly Archives: September 2011

The last picture from my glorious roof. The typical fog hides the great view of the Bay and Golden Gate Bridges.

I’ve spent the last year in San Francisco in a studio with a beautiful view of the city.  I moved up to work for Sifteo, a small start up making a really interesting new video game system.  However their game making needs changed and it was time for a new adventure.  So I packed and sold all my stuff and went down to Los Angeles to start planning a round the world trip.  I even fixed my lack of a haircut in two years.  I hope some kid with cancer somewhere learns to love the frizz.

Is that a tribble? No it's the hair I donated to Pantene Beautiful Lengths.

i managed to move with the sleep deprivation that seems to accompany all my moves.  Only by the good graces of all my various friends who pitch in endless amounts of patience and time do I ever get packed.  Thank you, I really can’t be grateful enough for how helpful my friends are.  I sold most of my furniture but I brought my bed and television down to my parents, so it all went in a U-haul.

Snakes on a truck. It involves less Samuel L. Jackson.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a sleep deprived misadventure in a U-Haul without a mishap.  This time I managed to latch the door shut, lock it, pull to check, and somehow not lock the latch shut.  A bunch of my clean clothes decided they wanted to stay in San Francisco near the Bay Bridge.  One of the things I started while in San Francisco was the sport of capoeira.  My just recently earned cord (belt) decided it wanted to stay in the city as well. I also stood by what was left of my stuff and saw one perfectly intact hiking boot mocking me from the left lane.  I couldn’t have brought all those clothes backpacking anyways, so the U-Haul got to decide for me.

Where my stuff was strewn along the highway. I salvaged some clothes. You can see my hamper and hiking boot box.

I had a lot of fun and made/reunited with a lot of great friends this past year.  More than I thought was possible in one short year.  I can only imagine what a year of traveling will bring.  Thanks San Francisco, it’s been cool.